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2022-23 Enrollment

2022-2023 Steps to Enroll

Please note: Enrollment for K-1st Grades is full, and we have a waiting list available for those still interested. We are currently accepting applications for Pre-K 3&4, and 2nd-8th Grades.

Step 1: Attend a Tour

You must call (469-661-8002), email the school, or follow this link to schedule a private tour. It’s important that both parents attend, if possible, so that all questions are answered fully.  Following the tour, a link to the online application will be sent via email.  It will link you to TADS.

Step 2: Complete Application & Schedule a Family Interview/Child’s Assessment

Using the link sent after your tour, you will need to complete enrollment.  After we have received that we will contact you to schedule your family interview and  assessment. Assessments are informal and are to help us determine placement in our program. Students entering Kindergarten through 8th grades will have various age-appropriate play-based, interview style, online, or paper assessments.  Please plan for 30 min for your interview and 30 to 45 min for your child’s assessment.  Siblings can be assessed simultaneously by different guides to save time.  You are also asked to provide school records, testing scores, or anything you feel will help us understand your child’s learning journey thus far. Preschool-PreK students will not have an academic assessment but may spend some time playing with a guide to assess communication and social skills.

Step 3: Acceptance

The enrollment team will review the application, notes from the interview and assessment and communicate results via email. If approved, a link to enroll will follow. 

Step 4: Register & Pay

Complete the necessary enrollment documents online and pay the enrollment fee.  This step secures your child’s spot at Veritas.  The tuition agreement deadline is Aug. 15th.  

Financial Aid is available on an as needed basis. Please complete Step 2 prior to applying for Financial Aid. We will be making the first round of aid decisions in May so completing the FA application before May 1st is highly recommended.

Step 5: Attend Parent Orientation Meeting

There will be a mandatory Parent Orientation Meeting and a Back-to-School Party for families (encouraged attendance) in August before school begins.