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Homeschool Enrichment

We know that homeschooling is both difficult and rewarding.  We would love to be a part of your family’s homeschooling journey.  Whether you desire a Project Based Learning experience for your child or need fun classes to provide opportunities for friendships and independence we can help!


PBL Cohorts 

(This class cannot begin until we have at least 4 students, please inquire about status)

4th – 8th Grade 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30am to 11:30am and/or 12pm to 3pm 

The morning session will focus on individual or partner projects and help learners develop and practice organization, research, writing, and presentation skills.  These mini-projects will focus on student’s interests and allow each learner to deepen their knowledge of particular topics of choice within the realms of science, history, literature, and geography.  The afternoon session will focus on collaborative group projects and help learners develop and practice communication skills along with hands-on, relevant learning in science and social studies.  Both the morning and afternoon sessions will integrate Biblical understanding, reading, writing, math, social emotional learning, art, and technology into the projects as appropriate. Sign up for just the morning, just the afternoon, or both!  

$2250 for morning session / $2250 for afternoon session / $4100 for full days … $100 supply fee + 10% of tuition due when signing up.  Payment plans available for the remaining balance.

Outdoor Education Kinder-8th

Forest Explorers

Forest Explorers

Wednesdays, 9am to 10am (K-8)

…Be a “wild child” in our forest!  Groups will explore to learn about the wild plants and critters on our land, climb trees, build and play on natural playscapes, and engage in both directed and free-play nature activities.  The older group will also learn and practice survival skills.

$375 for the year…$25 supply fee and 10% of tuition due when signing up.


Masters of Gardening

Wednesdays,  10am-11am (K-8) 

Work in the garden alongside a master gardener.  Learn what to plant when, how to improve the soil, how to compost, identify problems and solutions, care for chickens, and more! 

$375 for the year … $25 supply fee and 10% of tuition due when signing up.

Outdoor PE

Outdoor PE

11am to Noon – (K-8th)

We will begin with calisthenics and stretching and then enjoy playing numerous outdoor group games. We will also utilize our low-elements challenge course to practice teamwork and communication skills while having fun!

$375 for the year…$25 supply fee and 10% of tuition due when signing up.

If signing up for all 3 for the entire year, get $100 off and pay only $1025.  On bad weather days we will not cancel.  We will move indoors and provide appropriate activities within each class topic.
Little Explorer

Little Explorers

6 months to 3 years with caregiver – 10 am to 11:30am 

(This class cannot begin until we have at least 4 students, please inquire about status)

Selected Mondays

This class is meant to engage infants and toddlers in exploration of the outdoors in a safe and nurturing environment.  Children and caregivers will experience outdoor play activities that entice the senses and inspire curiosity. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch and stay afterwards to eat and play independently. Pay only for the classes you want to attend.

$15/class/child   or


RSVP by registering today

Kinder Explore

Kinder Forest

3 to 6 years – Fridays 8am to Noon

Little ones will have fun learning as they look, listen, and explore in our on-campus forest.  They will enjoy play-based learning activities, free play, art, and games. 

$975 per year + $25 supply fee

Kinder Enrichment

3 to 6 years – Fridays Noon to 3pm

We will utilize our makerspace, library, and preschool classroom to bring interesting topics to life for our littlest learners. Music, arts and crafts, Legos and building, cooking, games, and more will keep them active and engaged. 

$750 per year +$25 supply fee

Friday Enrichment

Friday Enrichment

(This class is currently full and has a waiting list, call to inquire about status)

1st – 8th Grades – Fridays 8am to 3pm

We will hike in the mornings and then choose from enrichment classes in the afternoons.  Every 4 to 6 weeks learners will get to pick new enrichment classes from various choices.  Here are some samples of what may be offered: cooking, art, choir, Spanish, coding, robotics, chess, strategy games, puzzles, needlework, stop-motion, engineering, etc.

$1850 per year + $50 supply fee

Miscellaneous Classes

Elementary classes

Super Science – 2nd-6th grades – Mondays  8 am to 10am

(This class cannot begin until we have at least 4 students, please inquire about status)

Why do plants need sunlight? How do substances combine to make new substances? Why do boats float if they’re so heavy? Learn how to design labs and gather data to answer these questions and more! In this course, students will learn the basics of scientific inquiry by asking questions, planning investigations, gathering data, and analyzing that data to help answer their own questions.

32 classes per year – $612 per year + $75 supply fee

Engineering Challenge – 2nd-6th grades – Mondays 10 am to 12pm

(This class cannot begin until we have at least 4 students, please inquire about status)

Through engineering design challenges, students increase their problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Learners are given a problem that has the potential to be solved by designing and building a device from materials around the room. To determine what they need to build, students begin by analyzing the problem, brainstorming potential solutions, building and testing prototypes, eventually developing their final product!

32 classes per year – $612 per year + $75 supply fee

Creative Pursuits – 2nd-6th grades – Mondays 1pm to 3pm

(This class cannot begin until we have at least 4 students, please inquire about status)

A mixture of creative writing, drama, and art. What’s not to love? With assistance, students will build on their writing mechanics and storytelling skills by following a prompt to develop a story, a dramatic scene, and an artistic demonstration. Students will also expand their interpersonal skills by participating in “critical friends” to kindly critique the works of their peers.

32 classes per year – $615 per year + $75 supply fee

  • If your child’s class or classes span through the lunch hour, lunch and recess supervision is complementary.  Your child should bring his/her lunch. 
  • Each class’ enrollment must meet a minimum of 4 participants.  If your child’s class does not reach the minimum number of students you may choose another class or request a refund. 
  • Most classes have a maximum of 10 to 15 students.
  • Refunds will NOT be given for illnesses, traveling, or missing a class. If we must cancel a class because of weather, illness/quarantine, or another reason that is the fault of the school, we will offer a credit to your account for another class or attempt to reschedule the missed class. 
  • We do work with students with special needs but please reach out to us first about your child’s needs so that we can determine what adjustments will be needed, if any, before you purchase a class for your child.