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Our Story

Have you ever felt that good enough just wasn’t good enough? Education in our modern age has been good enough, but we felt it could be better. That’s one of the reasons why we set out to start Veritas Academy. The needs and demands of the workforce in the 21st century have proven that collaboration and innovation are among the top priorities for companies, but our educational methods have been geared for a time where competition and conformity were championed. Good enough isn’t good enough any more.

While new educational models are important and needed, even more so, we believe that our faith and identity in God is a needed part of understanding life as well. This is why we named it Veritas Academy, an academy pursuing and being rooted in the Truth of who God is and who He makes us to be. We don’t assume that everyone sees the world from this perspective but see that there is inherent value in teaching the principals and values of Biblical Christianity in all that we do. We want to present these teachings in a way that helps students discover how God is involved in their life and how much He loves the world.

The ministry of Veritas Academy is more than a school. It’s a family. We want to make this type of education available to as many people as possible but still have a family-like atmosphere. This is why we chose a micro-school model.  We will remain intentionally small with the vision of starting new campuses in the future. We experience life together and in our communities by serving each other and blessing the people around us. We want to instill in the students of Veritas the importance of being there for each other while being a part of something bigger than themselves.

This is just the beginning and every learner at Veritas Academy is an important part of the story. See how your family can become part of this story too.