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What is a Micro-School?

Veritas Academy is purposefully small.  We know our students and build relationships with the whole family.  Here is how micro-schools are changing the look of education:

  • We are learner-driven.  Students have a choice and a voice in their education.  Their interests and passions are taken into account in personalizing their learning path. 
  • We work in mixed age groupings. Where else in life do we strictly segregate people into one-year age groupings? When we segregate by single years, a pattern emerges that is seen in classrooms all over the US.  We notice a split in the group…those who are average…those who fall behind…and those who are bored and being held back. With mixed-age groupings, those divisions fall away and students are free to do two things: slow down while learning deeply, and be in continual forward motion, stretching and growing at a faster pace.
  • Our teachers take on the role of “guides.”  They guide students on their personal learning path, focusing on encouraging a growth mindset and modeling skills to support life-long learning.
  • We utilize adaptive learning technology to hold students accountable so that they can learn at their own pace.  It’s like providing a private tutor for each and every student.
  • We use Socratic discussion to support a learner-driven environment.  Asking questions instead of giving answers empowers students to search for answers, process information more fully, and develop a deeper understanding of the topic.
  • We go beyond hands-on learning, by utilizing Project Based Learning to provide an authentic, experiential, and collaborative learning experience.  Our projects encompass history, science, reading and writing, mathematics, entrepreneurship, engineering, technology, and creative endeavors.