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  • PreK 3 - 10th Grades

    Now Enrolling 2024-25

    We are now accepting applications for enrollment for the 2024-25 school year is now open. Sign up soon so you don't miss a spot!

  • 2024

    Summer Camps

    Summer Camps at Veritas are a great way to keep the minds of your child active while helping them to have some fun. Sign up now and reserve your spot.

How Do We Learn?


We are empowering our students with the tools they need to own and drive their education.  Our overarching goal is to help our students become life-long learners so that they can do whatever their heart desires and thrive in the life God has given them.

Why Veritas?

Veritas Academy is the place for the inquisitive learner; a place where students can be engaged and empowered to discover the love of learning.

What is a Micro-School?

Veritas Academy is purposefully small.  We know our students and build relationships with the whole family.  Here is how micro-schools are changing the look of education…

Learning Studios

There is little more important to a parent than providing their children with access to a learning environment where they can achieve the greatest scholarly potential. All children have unique learning styles and not all classroom environments are conducive to all children’s needs.

Empowering Learners

When learners have the ability to make decisions it triggers a greater investment of interest and motivation. This is all done with intentionality. Learners at Veritas Academy are coached in developing executive functioning skills.

Our Story

Behind every movement there is a heart and voice.

Hear our motivation for starting this endeavor.