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Discovered, Ignited, and Fed

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“Each child has a spark of genius waiting to be discovered, ignited and fed”

-Jeff Sandefer (founder of Acton Academy in Austin.)

As I began reading the book Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich, I realized that I agreed with the fact that every child has a passion to learn and that schools should inspire children to discover and grow at their own pace so they can change the world. I also knew I had a lot of “unlearning” to do on what I knew about schools and how there are other ways to educate children.

From a Teacher’s Point of View

For five years I taught kindergarten in the Colorado Public School System. I feel so very blessed to have those experiences and I learned so much from it. However, I could not have imagined what I had learned, could and would be used in a different way to guide a child to blossom and grow. As I read each of the 55 ways to “unlearn” what I knew about schools, I could see that the way I had been teaching wasn’t reaching every child and they weren’t allowed to be the kind of students that could “learn to be, learn to do and learn to know”, as Clark Aldrich put it.

From a Parent’s Point of View

I also read Unschooling Rules from a parents view. My 4 year old daughter will be staring kindergarten next year and I want her learning “ to be discovered, ignited and fed” so she can find what she enjoys and loves and therefore, impact the world! I never want her to feel like she is being held back or discouraged to learn the way that best fits her style and ability.

Valuing a Learner’s Best Interests over Simplicity and Standards

In reflecting on all that I have “unlearned” so far I am so excited for a school like Veritas Academy. I believe it will be a place for children to be themselves and feel comfortable to discover and grow through their discoveries and self driven goals. They won’t be expected to sit and listen to a teacher all day and then be tested on all they were taught. They won’t come home from a full day of school only to feel the stress of homework and then start over again the next day. This style of learning is focused on a system and built on standards.

At Veritas Academy I see children who are happy, excited and driven to solve problems and discover all that our world has to offer. I hear laughter, deep discussions and collaboration over group projects that will have everlasting impact on their future. A big passion of mine has been teaching and I am so excited to be involved in this adventure and to have started the process of “unlearning” all the things I thought I knew about education.

I highly recommend Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich. It will encourage you to consider new approaches to education. Join Veritas Academy on this adventure, where we guide students on a journey of learning and discovery as they search for truth and thrive in the life that God has prepared for them.

by Alecia Babiuch

K-2 Literacy Guide at Veritas Academy

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